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Hey kiddies... Anti-Hero Records is still strong in exsistance. Lisa is no longer working with me... but Davey Tiltwheel is taking over where she left off so it's all awesome! =)

Flesh Gordon and the Sex Rays are still on the label...they're quite an awesome band. They are nerd rock... kinda a Weezer-ish sound if ya dunno what nerd rock is... also they are still looking for a singer/guitarist to round off the band so if you're intrested in joining a band please contact me at or you can page me at 495-9920.

As far as "signing" other bands goes... we really don't got a whole lot of money... actually none... we can help with managing although local bands don't really need managers and I'll pitch in whatever money I can for recording, merchandise, etc. and promotion is not a problem at all. If your band would like some help with promotion and what not just let us know.

We're still in the process of trying to put out a local CD compilation with 26 local bands as of now. This will be our first release. The title of the comp is yet to be determined so any helpful suggestions and ideas for that would be great! We're fortunate enough to have Gary 7" from AccidentPRONErecords helping us out so hopefully this comp will turn out even better now woo hoo! If your band is on the comp and has yet to give us music for it you can send it to:

Anti-Hero Records
Attn: Sanae Ueyoshi
3312 Caminito Vasto
La Jolla, CA 93037
If your band still hasn't turned in your stuff PLEASE turn it in as soon as you possibly can!! The sooner we get everyone's stuff the faster we can get this out! If there are any questions feel free to e-mail me you can also e-mail Davey at but he's gone for the next 2 weeks on tour so it'd be best just to contact me. We're still lookin' at different pressing companys in and out of San Diego basicly just looking for the best deal. As far as distro goes... it'll be mostly local... I'm gonna send some out to London but I think that's about it for now.. we'll see. The comp will hopefully be out towards the end of November so look for it then... we'll probably have a release party for it somewhere but nothing is planned as of now.

10-11-98 10:06pm

Flesh Gordon and the Sex Rays are playing the Che Cafe at UCSD on Monday, October 26... they're opening for the Last of the Juanitas. The show starts at 9pm and admission is $5 so go and support em!

10-25-98 11:39am

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