Anti-Hero Records& Productions
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Hey kiddies... well this is Anti-Hero Records and Productions! =) Well just last week I signed signed the first band to the label... they are called Flesh Gordon and the Sex Rays. They are quite an awesome band... they're nerd rock... kinda a Weezer-ish sound if ya dunno what nerd rock is... also they are looking for a singer/guitarist to round off the band so if you're intrested in joining a band please contact me at or you can page me at 495-9920. As far as signing other bands goes... I really don't got a whole lot of money... actually none... I can help with managing and I'll pitch in whatever money I can for recording, merchandise, etc. So I'm not really lookin into signing any bands right now... just for the sake of being fair to the bands. I'm also though... currently in the process of trying to put out a local CD compilation with 25 local San Diego bands... maybe some more depending on time. This will be our first release. Right now the title of it is still in the works... but it's "Billy and Buzzcock go to camp 'FIGHT BACK AND UNIONIZE' Round- 1" so any helpful suggestions and ideas for that would be cool. If you'd like your band to be on this comp... send me some info 'bout the band and maybe a demo or something with the song you want to be on the comp etc. and i'll see to it! Please try and keep the song to under 2 and a half minutes... we won't be able to fit all the bands on otherwise. There aren't very many spots left either so get your shtuff to me as soon as ya can... we aren't gonna enforce a deadline... but if you could get it in by say.. the 18th of September... it would make it that much easier on me! If you need to send it to us.. you can send it to:

Anti-Hero Records
Attn: Sanae Ueyoshi
3312 Caminito Vasto
La Jolla, CA 93037

Well the kick-off show was on Friday, August 21st at the Poway Elks Lodge... it went purdy well... ugh... well the best it coulda gone... for having the sound guy flake out on us 2 hours before the show... well not even he just seemed to dissapear off the face of the earth forgetting to tell us of course!! BUT... THANX to Brian for lending us his PA and also THANX to UNiT and Split Second and whom ever else we borrowed equipment from!! I made all of about a buck off this show maybe...I think?!? Oh wait... nevermind... forgot have to make up for all the money we put in... so we made like -$464! Woo hoo!! I'm on our way to finacial greatness!! All the bands were AWESOME!!... NOTICE, Best Buy, Split Second, UNiT, The Tigers, and the surprise guest band was Beanfight... after about 5 or so bands backed out... so thanx to them for playin' and quite an awesome band they are!! Check 'em out they just moved here from OC!

Club 77... is basicly one and the same as Anti-Hero Records& Productions... so check out the rest of the website and let me know what you think, k?? =)