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If I printed it here it wouldn't be personal anymore would it?

San Diego


yea... me too punk fucking rock! =\

being anti-social... I go to shows... yes... art and photography and music indeed I do love it... mostly punk rock, oi, emo, brit power pop, and new wave!

everything on Anagram Records is awesome, DK, CRASS, SUB HUM ANS, FIFTEEN, Adicts, EXPLOITED, Angelic Upstarts, New American Mob, Newtown Neurotics, Op Ivy, Cystic, JCCC, Swingin Utters, Criminals, Agnostic Front, Final Conflict, DKM, Audience, Notice, Rancid, Fugazi, US Bombs, Anti-Nowhere League, Schleprock, Casualties, Citizen Fish, Gen X, Palpatine, Mobius, Bouncing Souls, Billy Idol, New Model Army, Patrik Fizgerald, Sham 69, Iggy Pop, Blanks 77, 7 Seconds, Toy Dolls, Clash, Weezer, Aus Rotten, Conflict, Oxymoron, David Bowie, Jejune, Depeche Mode, Siouxie, Ramones, Jets to Brazil etc...

individuality, punk rock, piercings, tatts, creativity, funnyness... mod er spock rock boys hehe... little boy personalities not immaturity mind you... compleatly different

uh... blue is lovely but red is wonderful!

being me... Anti-Hero Records/CLUB 77... shut up I'm a loser.

"forgeting what my life has cost wipe away the crimson stains and all the nails that still remain... battle between grace and pride I give up not so long ago so steal my heart and take the pain and wash my feet and cleanse my pride take the selfish take the weak and all the things I can not hide take the beauty take my tears sin and so forth make them yours take my world apart take it now take it now and serve the ones that I despise and speak the words I can't deny watch the world I used to love fall to dust and blow away"

Hey while were still talkin' about some crazy people go check out Monty Python he's purdy crazy... but in a very good way!

For some even more awesome people... DEAD KENNEDYS SHRINE go there!!

These guys are just so damn coool... Dead Kennedys so theres another one for ya!