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Well the kick-off show was on Friday, August 21st at the Poway Elks Lodge... it went purdy well... ugh... well the best it coulda gone... for having our sound guy flake out on us 2 hours before the show... well not even he just seemed to dissapear off the face of the earth forgetting to tell us of course!! BUT... THANX to Brian for lending us his PA and also THANX to UNiT and Split Second and whom ever else we borrowed equipment from!! We made all of about a buck off this show maybe...I think?!? Oh wait... nevermind... forgot we had to make up for all the money we put in... so we made like -$464! Woo hoo!! We're on our way to finacial greatness!! All the bands were AWESOME!!... NOTICE, Best Buy, Split Second, UNiT, The Tigers, and the surprise guest band was Beanfight... after about 5 or so bands backed out... so thanx to them for playin' and quite an awesome band they are!! Check 'em out they just moved here from OC!

Anyways... it was fun... a decent turn out... good considering our competion hehe... DAMN THOSE SPICE GIRLS... DAMN THEM TO HELL!! The show was also a birthday bash of sorts for me (Sanae) and some other's who prefer to remain nameless... oh yea musn't forget Greg Schneider (Agent 51's bassist) afterall it was HIS birthday party as well! THANX to NOTICE for the CD hehe... I already got it but HEY! it's the thought that counts riight?!? hehe... the embaressment was well loved also! Well THANX again to NOTICE and all the bands that played... I love you all!! =) OH YEA! Thanx to Richard Giglio for like gettin' us the place and being the chaparone... and well just gettin' me to my own damn show! Lisa you got yourself one hell of a daddy! Thanx to everyone who showed up also!! You guys are the ones who will make this happen!

Ugh... well none of the pictures actually turned out... I lost 2 entire damn rolls of awesome pictures cuz my camera hates me and killed my film!!

P.S. Dylan... it was not that hard for you to go and buy those 2 Sidestage CDs now was it?!? huh?!? See now I hope that me forcing you to go over there and get em yourself has helped you in some way! Sorrrie if it didn't =o\