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Club 77 is a new venue, or I should say, a new venue we're ATTEMPTING to open, in San Diego dedicated to the local scene. We need ALL the support and help we can get!! If you'd like to help PLEASE contact us!

Hmmm... well there's been some re-arrangements within Club 77... Lisa will no longer be with this project... but now Davey Tiltwheel has agreed to somewhat take over where she left off so Club 77 is still happening woo hoo! We have no money now though but it'll be okay I'll pick up every penny if I got too!!

We're still putting together a compilation of about 25-30 local bands as well. The name of it is yet to be determined and it'll help promote a buncha local bands! Gary 7" from AccidentPRONErecords is also helping us out woo hoo!! I believe all the spots are filled we may have room for 1 or 2 more bands though... we just gotta wait for all the music to come in. For more info about it check out the Anti-Hero Records page.

I'm still not sure about when or where our next show shall be... plan on a HUGE local show for our opening... we have no clue when that will be... but soon... hopefully... actually... maybe not... funding has suddenly dissapeared so ya know... who knows though I was lookin at that old movie theatre in Hillcrest and it'd be really neat for a venue!

I also for sure plan to have some what of a memorial show most likely a SKA show for Broken Pretzel's manager Billy who was killed in a car wreak recently. My condolences go out to the band and family and friends of Billy. I dunno when this show is gonna happen but it will.

I have also contacted The Casualties... and even thou they may not be able to get out here 'till next summer... we will hopefully have a show with em! woo hoo!

Finally... if you or someone you know is real good at computers and this web page shtuff... I'm lookin' for someone to take over this web site due to my ignorance... hehe at this rate... this site is on a slowly but surely on its way to compleate destruction... so please let me know!

10-11-98 4:35pm

Well I hope all you kiddies made it out to the protest against police brutality in downtown today on this National Day of Protest! I'd say it went purdy well... I think we got the idea across but its unfortunate people gotta be violent. As for Scott, the guy who got hit by a cop on a motorcycle while protesting and because he tried to avoid getting hit he got arrested for "assalt" I hope he got out okay and not too many people got arrested while waiting for him to get out! Keep up with the local ARA!!

10-22-98 9:55pm

Flesh Gordon and the Sex Rays have a show! Go check em out this comming Monday, October 26 at the Che Cafe at UCSD. They are playing with the Last of the Juanitas, show starts at 9pm and admission is $5 so go and support em!

10-25-98 11:35am

Here are some things to ponder...
If Dr. Spock is SO smart... how come he isn't CAPTAIN of the enterprise??

If Barbie is SO popular... how come you gotta buy her friends???

And finally... why the hell are all my favorite bands no longer exsistant so I can't go see em... and when they do have reunions... they're so far away so I can't get a ride?!?!? =\
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