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Agent 51          Makeshift
Alterior Motive          Mindshift
Barnyard Ballers          Mississippi Mudsharks
Battalion of Saints          Moral Threat
Best Buy          Multiple Stab Wounds
Blink 182          Napkin
Big Time Operator          The Neighbors
Broken Pretzel          New American Mob
Buck-O-Nine          No Class
Built to Last          Noisepie
Carter Peace Mission          No Knife
The Cause          Notice
The Classified          No Tommorow
Cut Out Characters          One Way Out
Deadlites          Palpatine
Demented Jeffrey          Pivit
Dissolution          Rocket From the Crypt
Dixiecrats          Scribble
Dogwood          Second Class
The Downs Family          Shitgivits
The Dragons          Skanic
Everready          Spanakorzo
The Excrements          Spazboy
Five Hole          Spicoli
Fluf          Split Image
F.O.N.          Sprung Monkey
Furious IV          Switchfoot
Ghoulspoon          Swindle
Gimp          Switchfoot
Good Fer Nothin          Tanner
Grey Boy All Stars          Ten Percent
G-Spot          Three Piece Scandal
Headfirst          Thick Liquid
Hot Rod Lincoln          The Tigers
Impossible 5          Tiltwheel
The Inspector          Turkey Mallet
Left Behind          Unit
Logos          Unsteady
Jerry Lives Twice          The Upstarts
Jon Cougar Concenration Camp          Unwritten Law
Magic Finger Clutch          Who's Your Daddy?

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Flapping Jet Records
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Goldenrod Records
Gravity Records
Guava Records
Hairball 8 Records
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Immune Records
Liquid Meat
Mag Records
New Left Records
Offshore Music
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This site isn't local but it's got sound clips from tons of bands including some local ones Taco's Real Audio and Video check it out!

Hey guess what I found kiddies... its an even better music site! Punk& Ska Music Archive YAY!!! It's even got some local bands on it too!!

"End Racism and Create Equality"

We're adding as many local pages as we can... if you'd like your band, label, zine, etc. link to be on here contact us ASAP!