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Hey!   What   up   guys?

Well this is my attempt at making a web page so laugh at me if you want... I'm gonna try and add pictures of my friends and links to awesome bands and what not onto here... so if you wanna be here send me yer picture or whatever! Oh yea PLEASE support the new venue I'm tryin to open up here in SD called "The PROJECT" if you want to help out or yer in a band who'd like to play one of my shows to raise money please contact me ASAP! Support the local scene!

Well... this picture here is for all of you that are curious as to who this girl is who made this web page after weeks and weeks of failure... hehe... well the picture you see before you is of me! Yes, I know it's a horrible picture... so don't say a word...

this part is still under constuction... but you can see what I have so far!

club 77
San Diego's newest venue... that I'm trying to get opened at least! =)

If you'd like to contact me please send e-mail to...

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