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these 3 boys here... are just a few of the MANY from the "Clairemont Surfer Punk Crew" as I like to call it hehe... Here we have Davy... the lead singer of UNiT.... and Greg and Jay... Now they're famous!
Look who we have here... it's all the girlies from the "Sunhouse Crew" hehe... Alison, Brooke, Brittany, Lisa, Janice, and Laura! All these girls are awesome people to have as friends... I'd tell you something about each of em... but... I'm too lazy! hehe... You guys will just have to take my word on this! <><

Here we have Whitney and Seth... Whitney is a sweetie and she's been purdy damn kewl to me (even for a frosh... hehe)! And as for Seth... well what's there to say... he's like the BIGGEST candy kid I know... maybe somday he'll become a famous DJ, he's doin' purdy good right know I'd say! So yea look out for him... and if you should ever happen to go on a road trip with him...MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A MAP WITH ACTUAL STREET NAMES, LAND MARKS, FREEWAYS, ETC. ON IT!! Or you might end up mistaking the 15 for the 805 and goin' all the way up to Carlsbad! hehe =)

The 2 boys you see before you are Asa and Trent. Asa is kewl 'cause well... he used to live in Ramona and like knows everyone out there AND he's Tasha's boyfriend so ya know he can't be all that bad! Now Trent... well there's not a whole lot to say about him... he's just another one of those lacrosse people who snowboard and surf and do all that shtuff! Maybe I should put that picture of him w/like 3 inch spikes in his hair in 8th grade... I bet he'd like that!

This is Derek... he is REALLY kewl! He is in Oakland right now on a mission trip... I think that is a very bold thing to do! Well all that I have to say is GOODLUCK and PLEASE try not to get shot! So no more flashing those gang signs alright?

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