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As the World Turns

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Ryan. He was like every other little boy named Ryan, he had blond hair and all the other stuff that they have. One day (a Friday) at school he was sitting in class when a girl that he know from a group project they had done came up to him and asked if he wanted to go to a little get together at the pond on Creger Street. He checked his little black book to see if he had plans and it turned out that he didn't so he went. When he got there was a few of his friends there and this extremely beautiful girl from room A34. He had never talked to her and never really had planed on it because he was a wuss. But the girl walked up and said "hi, your Ryan right?" Ryan shocked that she said hi to him and even more shocked that she knew who he was said "Hi." She said "my name is Neena" Ryan replied "hi" once again and his mouth hung open and he jus gazed at her in ahhh. Neena said "come on we are playing Marco polo, you can play if you want." Ryan did play Marco polo but he sucked so bad at it he ended up being it every other time. Then it began to get dark and every one started to go home. Ryan, Neena and some other unimportant people stayed and hung out on a rock and looked at the stars. Ryan noticed Neena was cold and didn't bring a shirt with he so he offered he his. (time went goes by) All of a sudden Neena jumped up and said I have to be home in ten minutes. So she ran over and picked up her bike and asked Ryan who didn't have a bike if he wanted a ride to elm street. He said "Yeah" and jumped on the bars. When they go to elm street Ryan jumped off the bars and Neena said "well, I guess ill see you later." Ryan reluctantly replied "OK, bye." You know he wanted a good night kiss, but he's a wuss so he didn't even try. He watched he ride off and as soon as she got out of sight he remembered that she had his shirt. He thought about it for a minute and got a big ol' smile on his face. Now he had a reason to call her up the next day and possibly go over to her house and hanger when he gets his shirt. To be continued...

Duck Duck Goose!
Once upon a time there was a duck who lived in a pond with a bunch of ducks and a few swans. The duck who's name was Dale. This duck was always playing around and having fun in the pond splashing and just having a good ol' time. He didn't care that all the swans thought he was just some annoying little brat because they weren't fun at all. Though they were quit beautiful they were all stuck up. So Dale just would play around with the other ducks in the pond and splash the swans and the swim away laughing. Dale was have so much fun doing this he did it to every swan in the pond. These last swan. She splashed was the new swan in the pond her name was Madonna. When Dale splashed Madonna she didn't get mad or anything she thought it was funny and splashed him back. In no time they had an all out war going on and all the swans in the pond thought that Madonna wasn't very cool at all for playing with Dale. Well, over the next few days Madonna and Dale played and had a great time. Dale began to get a crush on Madonna because she was by far the most beautiful of the swans and she was fun to. Dale thought she had to be the perfect bird for him and so he asked her to hold his wing. But she though he was just joking and splashed him and laughed. Dale had no idea that she was joking and slowly swam back the banks of the pond. Dale was the most broken hearted that he had ever been and he lost all motivation to go out and have fun. He just stared off into the water. Madonna still would come out and try and play with Dale but he would just sit there and not say a word. Madonna stopped coming over to play with dale thinking that he must not like her any more and that made her very sad. They just sat at opposite ends of the ponds kinda staring off into the blue water. Then one day a dog was around the pond. The dog scared dale and he flew up to be safe from the dog. Then dale heard a load bang and everything went black. Madonna seeing that Dale had been shot by an evil hunter. She dragged him into a bush were she gave him mouth to mouth and proclaimed her love for him. He woke up to see that it was only a flesh wound and he would be fine. The next day Dale and Madonna were seen swimming across the pond holding wings.

The End

(Sorry if there are any spelling errors I'm not to good at that sort of thing)

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